E3 Grumpy Steve

Ordinarily Steve (and Bill) is a pretty happy guy, more optimist than pessimist. Occasionally something does get under his skin and affect his attitude, creating “Grumpy Steve”. In this episode he is grumpy about the Autodesk Desktop Application which you may recall was called Autodesk Application Manager in the past. He wishes that it would work, it just isn’t reliable for him though. Bill tries to calm him down and offer some ideas. It looks like we’ll need some listeners to help turn Steve into Happy Steve again.

Since we recorded this episode the AdA has struck twice causing grumpiness to return, enough to prompt another blog post on the subject a few days ago.

Show Links: (past blog posts that discuss the app)
Revit 2017 Space Naming Utility Update
Revit 2016 Updates Redux
Revit 2016 and 2015 Updates via What Revit Wants
Revit 2015 Web Update 1
Application Manager there are aren’t Updates

Autodesk Knowledge Base link:
Autodesk Desktop Application (formerly Autodesk Application Manager)


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