The Revit OpEd Podcast is intended to be a compliment to and extension of the Revit Oped blog I started in 2004. Bill Debevc, creator of BIM Thoughts, hosts each podcast and helps guide our conversation. He is also the engine that keeps the podcasts happening, edited and posted. Thanks Bill!

What happens in an episode? They will be short! We’re aiming for a sweet spot of 15 minutes long. We might talk less, maybe a little more. We just don’t want to drag it out so long you feel like you don’t have time to listen when you feel like listening.

We might chat about something specific about Revit, something that is a bug, a cool feature or even something that happens to be bothering me or others. We might go off road, into the weeds, and chat about cars or whiskey … we’ll live dangerously, see where the current takes us down river. How many metaphors can I work into this?

Thanks for checking us out, we hope you like the episodes. Leave a comment if you’ve got something to say!

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